VISA CHECKOUT: The “IT” Way to Pay


Students are busy, juggling internships, classes and friends. They appreciate a life-made-simple approach to tasks. VISACheckout, by Visa, Inc., the credit card company, makes the mundane on-line buying process of inputting all your payment and shipping information easier with a single sign in, click and pay. VISA Checkout set out to partner with online retailers in an effort to offer customers a better and secure way to pay for all things on-line.


Millennial’s go home on winter break, drop off their laundry, and tell parents about the new “it” – apps to download, games to play and ways to pay. Students have their fingers on the pulse, and we know they have options.

“At Barnes & Noble College, we are all about delivering the ultimate experience to our students and other customers, and that includes offering choice and convenience in their payment options. Our partnership with Visa Checkout offers exactly that, making the purchasing process simpler for students, while offering them opportunities to save money through discounts on back-to-campus purchases. We’re very excited to be partnering with Visa Checkout to bring this strong value proposition to our students.” – Lisa Malat, Chief Marketing Officer

The BNC & Visa Checkout co-marketing campaign offered students $30 off a Barnes & Noble College online orders of $100 or more, plus free shipping. The “single sign-in anytime you see the Visa Checkout button” approach was a partnership that BNC felt would enhance student life. The campaign, which attracted 49,467 entries, spanned across 2 target segments: Spring 2016 and Fall Back to School 2016. The campaign was supported by 37.2M website impressions, 14.5M dedicated emails, and social media posts to 5M followers.


29% Dedicated Email Open Rate

49,467 New Accounts Created

100K+ Transactions (July-Dec)

37K Facebook Impressions

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