POPPIN: Bye Bye Boring Rulers


Bye bye boring rulers for your architecture drawing class: “Lines so sleek, design so awesome, colors so vibrant you may find yourself making up excuses to measure everything.” – Poppin.com

With fun and vibrant colors, Poppin breathes new life to the office supply category of student life. Focused on bringing their product lines to the attention of college students and increase in stores sales, Poppin created a sweepstakes offering students a chance to win a $500 Desk Makeover.


Who doesn’t want to win something? No one you know, trust me. That’s why BNCM and Poppin created a sweepstakes initiative to bring attention to the Poppin brand. With over 5,000 entries, the campaign included 3 dedicated emails to 600,000 students, 2 social media posts to all college branded pages, 1 dedicated blog post on The College Juice and in store signage at 30 on campus Barnes & Noble bookstores.  Student’s prizes were tiered with the 1st Place winner taking home a $500 Poppin Desk Makeover and a $500 Barnes & Noble Gift Card.


4M In-Store Signage Impressions

99% Dedicated Email Open Rate

5,000 Sweepstakes Entries

5% increase in sales from BNC bookstores

37,000 total Facebook impressions


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