Get Your Brand in Student Shopping Carts This Back-To-College Season


Back-to-school time is the ultimate selling opportunity for brands. This Fall, college students and their parents will be in active buying mode with wallets and credit cards in hand.

The numbers support the incredible opportunities of this shopping event: The National Retail Federation reported nearly $48.5 billion was spent in the Fall of 2016 by college students and their parents — and that number is expected to increase this Fall 2017*.

Brands are vying for students’ attention at this critical time. Here’s how you can get your brand to move straight into their shopping carts.


College Students are Buying Everything in Sight

At the beginning of each term, students visit their  brick-and-mortar bookstores and websites to purchase textbooks, school supplies, food and beverages, dorm items, apparel, and even college spirit clothing. They’re in active buying mode as they fill their shopping carts and complete the checkout process.


Brands Fully Immersed in this Environment are Highly Visible and Achieve the Highest Sales Results

Placing your brand message within this context, and reaching students and parents with the “back-to- college purchase mindset,” will  garner big results. Display ads placed on college bookstore websites will get you the attention and click throughs not achievable on other e-commerce sites. Most online student shoppers opt to pick up their textbook orders in-store, while others choose to ship them to their home or apartment. Both methods provide opportunities to showcase your brand – whether it’s using in-store promotions or signage. Samples and collateral handed out in-store or placed inside 1 M+ web-order boxes are wildly popular with this demographic — and get results.


Get Prime Placement for Your Brand

Want access to highly targeted initiatives that will allow your brand to easily and efficiently break through the clutter? Barnes & Noble College offers:


School branded dedicated emails to parents and students, which typically attain open rates of over 30%.

School branded event based e-mails like ‘order confirmation’ and ‘shipping confirmation’ feature prime advertising space for your brand.

– Web advertising on our school branded e-commerce sites grabs attention with over 70% visibility, producing click throughs.

Dedicated social media campaigns to keep students informed on all things college at our retail locations can carry your customized message.

Our student sampling programs will drive sales of your product. (Barnes & Noble College research indicates that 84% of college students are more likely to purchase a product after receiving a free sample or trial.)


We’ll Help You Achieve New Sales Levels This Back-to-College Season

With access to 6 million serious student and parent buyers, Barnes & Noble College makes it simple and super-efficient to drive sales among this audience at this opportune time.

Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more about amplifying your brand message to reach college students (and their parents).


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