Connect With the College Market When 2017 New Year’s Resolutions Are Top of Mind




The New Year often brings new brand choices for college students. How will your brand stack up and become a favorite?


We all know that the #1 conversation after the holidays are over and students head back to campus in January: “I resolve to do better in the New Year.” Whether it’s improving fitness goals, eating habits, study time, or budgeting, we know that health and well being are important to college students. In fact, according to Barnes & Noble College Student POV community, 80 percent of students make a New Year’s resolution.


Lifestyle Changes and Habits Will be Under Consideration

College students will soon be reassessing their health and fitness routines, beauty and skincare regimes, eating and study habits, and financial situations. Whether they’re in a quest for self-improvement or simply because they seek change, 18 to 24-year-olds will reevaluate many aspects of their lifestyle, including the products, services, and routines they’ve become accustomed to — all in an effort to seek out alternatives where there’s room for improvement. The top two resolutions among college students are getting into shape and eating healthier.* We want to help them succeed in 2017.


According to the Barnes & Noble College Student POV community, 80% of students make a New Year’s resolution.


This January, Barnes & Noble College will host Winter Wellness Fairs on many U.S. college campuses. College life is demanding — both physically and emotionally — so we want to support students in adopting healthy lifestyle habits.


Barnes & Noble College will share lifestyle improvement tips, destressing techniques, healthy eating tips, and product info directly with students as they seek to start out the New Year on a high note. Product samples will provide students the opportunity to try new products before buying, and brand kiosks will be staffed with brand ambassadors who will speak about their products in relaxed environments.


We’ll also be partnering with the schools’ Athletic and Health Services departments for fitness screenings and much more. All of this will be done with a focus on the students and helping them prepare for success in 2017 and beyond.


Calling All Brands

We’re looking for brand partners who want to be front and center at this pivotal time of year for college students. You’re invited to participate in our Winter Wellness Fairs via sampling programs, custom brand activations, and sponsorships.


Health and fitness providers: Spark attendee interest by demonstrating workout programs, videos, and apps. You might even sponsor a yoga class!
Beauty: Unveil your latest make-up and skincare products — with everything from tissues to toners — and share beauty tips and secrets. On-the-spot make-overs will surely grab their attention!
Food and beverage: Hand out healthy snack and beverage samples, and consider nutritional speakers to share healthy eating tips geared toward college students.
Financial services: Show them how your banking/payment apps and student banking services can help them conveniently maintain fiscal health.
Apparel: Model your performance and athleisure fashions, as well as fitness trackers. We’re happy to supply the student models!


Can’t make it to our Winter Wellness Fairs? There are other student marketing and media programs you can take advantage of to kick off the New Year, including online advertising, emails delivered directly to 5 million students and their parents, social media programs, and much more!


The New Year will be here before you know it. Does your brand have a place in college students’ 2017 routine? We can help get you there. Contact us online for more information or contact me directly at


* Barnes & Noble College Student POV.


Game Day: The Big Day on Campus


Your Brand Can Be Part of Game Day at More than 700 Colleges Nationwide


Game Day is THE day on college campuses nationwide. For college students and alumni alike, it’s a time to gather with friends and cheer on their team, show school pride and connect with collegiate traditions. Whether games are at home or away, college students and alumni are engaged — big time.

They cheer on their teams, support their favorite players, and just because they love the sport, they come out in record numbers.


Want more insights about these collegiate game spectators? Read about their love of tailgating and homegating and how it’s influencing what they buy before, during, and after Game Day.


Tailgating and Concessions Are Driving Attendance and Spending

According to a 2015 study sponsored by the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators, student fans said that in addition to the live game action and stadium atmosphere, tailgating and concession food ranked high on their favorite lists and draw them to games.

And what about their Game Day spending? Well aside from the event ticket, fans are buying sports fashion, food, and fun. Their biggest expenditures are logoed college sports clothing (that many customize just for fun) and tailgating supplies including coolers, tents, foam fingers, beaded necklaces, face decals, burgers, soft drinks, hot dogs, grills, blankets, balls, and Frisbees.




Homegating is Gaining Traction with Stay-At-Home Fans

Not all fans are able to attend stadium games and in fact, many even prefer to watch from their dorm, home, or apartment. Not wanting to miss a chance to party, these fans “homegate” by creating their own at-home spectator celebrations.


Homegaters spend differently than tailgaters. When viewing from home, food items control students’ wallets. At the top of the list are takeout items like pizza, wings, and burgers, as well as snack foods like chips and pretzels, and soft drinks. 



Make It a Big Day for Your Brand

With direct access to hundreds of thousands of fans on more than 700 campuses across the country, and in-depth data on their attitudes and buying behavior, Barnes & Noble College can offer fresh Game Day strategies for marketers of takeout and snack food, frozen foods, beverages, and tailgating and party supplies.


Here’s how your brand can get up close and personal with student and alumni sports fans:


    • Place your brand message where fans buy Game Day items – inside Barnes & Noble College stadium stores and trailers, and in campus bookstores.
    • Engage fans with product demos, giveaways, and social events on Game Day. Distribute product samples at high-traffic stadium locations.
    • Just want to go digital? Connect with 6M+ students, parent, and alumni fans via email throughout the entire sports season — before, during, and after games. Reach at-home enthusiasts with online advertising on fan athletic and social media sites or on The College Juice, our student editorial website and student resource destination.


Is it time to bench your current Game Day and Athletics Marketing strategy? For ideas on how we can help you get back in the game, contact or connect with us for more info.


Wondering What College Students Really Think About Your Brand? Stop Guessing.


Real connections start with real insights and meaningful dialog. Barnes & Noble College’s Student POV community can help you create those connections by finding, understanding and engaging your future brand enthusiasts.

Our student research community offers you access to 5+ million college students, while giving you the ability to zero in on highly targeted research prospects. Select specific demographics such as gender, age, major and family income. Pinpoint psychographics, including personal interests, social causes, career goals and shopping behavior relative to cosmetics, snacks, technology and clothing—and so much more!


It doesn’t stop with students! We also offer access to our Parent POV Community to give you insights into what college students’ parents are thinking and spending.


Align Your Research Program with Your Goals and Budgets

Whether you want to conduct research among college students, their parents or alumni, we can tailor a study for you. Alternatively, many of our clients use our research insights to strengthen their traditional marketing and brand-building programs.

Choose from any of our research programs: online research, live intercepts, focus groups and other types of research. We will work with you to craft a research program that delivers the smart insights you’ve been searching for.


Efficient and Cost-effective Research Gets You Answers

When you’re trying to determine how to reach college students, it’s not the SIZE of the research community that matters; it’s the DEMOGRAPHICS and ENGAGEMENT of its members. Our STUDENT and PARENT COMMUNITIES consist ONLY of college students and their parents. That’s why our programs are highly targeted in reaching engaged and opinionated participants. Our completion rates range from 60-70 percent because we’re focused on member satisfaction at every opportunity.


Ready to learn more? Check out our latest videos on Generation Z or download one of our college student research reports. Want more information? We’re happy to help. Contact us here.


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