Go Green Wave! School Spirit at Tulane

Barnes & Noble College bookstores fulfill more than just the academic needs of the more than 5 million students that we serve on campuses across the country. Tulane University’s Green Wave Sports Shop is a perfect example of our broad reach both on and off campus.

When Tulane University decided to build a brand new 30,000 seat stadium in 2014, the administration also wanted to support the thousands of Green Wave fans that would fill the stands on game days by offering them everything from apparel to hats and game day gear, at a convenient location.  “When the Yulman Stadium opened, we wanted to take the shop to another level — and we knew that level required a significant commitment and service”, says Brandon Macneill, Tulane’s Executive Associate Athletics Director.

Because of the successful relationship that they had built with Barnes & Noble College, who has managed their on-campus bookstore since 1990, there was no question as to who would manage their new Green Wave Sports Shop, located just next door, in the Wilson Athletics Center.

To read more about how Barnes & Noble College is helping fans generate incredible school spirit for Tulane, click here. Go Green Wave!!!


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Dorm Room Movers Help College Students Pack Up and Fly Home

After a long semester, and a few sleepless nights cramming for finals, the LAST thing college students want to do is pack up all of their belongings and move out of their dorm rooms.  Thanks to BNCM partner, Dorm Room Movers – they don’t have to!  From March through May, Dorm Room Movers promoted their easy summer moving and convenient storage services to college students through an integrated, in-store and digital marketing program at 31 Barnes & Noble College bookstores in 18 states.   BNC consumers were able to register for Dorm Room Movers services directly online, and  they also received a 20% off incentive.  To sweeten the deal, Dorm Room Movers gave college students the chance to enter to win a free flight home. To learn more about by why BNC students leave their heavy lifting to Dorm Room Movers, click here.

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Barnes & Noble College Celebrates Volunteer Service with Spring Break Collegiate Challenge

Not every Spring Break vacation involves sun and surf. Some students opt for sandpaper, siding and service to others. This year, Barnes & Noble College celebrated student volunteerism with their #InstaBuild video contest. Students from two Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapters – the University of Louisville and Columbia University – submitted the winning entries. To reward their generous efforts, Barnes & Noble College gave each group $5,000.00 to cover the cost of their Spring Break Collegiate Challenge trips to Lake Sumter Florida and Lafayette, Louisiana, respectively.

To learn more about their projects, and see the amazing results of their hard work, click here.

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Harry’s Grooming Grad Sampling at BNC Bookstores


A Clean Shave for Graduation from Harry’s Grooming

Every year, Barnes & Noble College says congratulations and farewell to approximately 650,000 graduating seniors.  For the 2015 graduation season, Barnes & Noble College Marketing is excited to work with our new partner, Harry’s Grooming, on an in-store, sampling program that introduces Harry’s signature high quality, affordable razors and shaving products to our students.  This New York-based company is dedicated to providing men with a close, comfortable shave at a reasonable price.  We are big fans of Harry’s and we know our millennial male students will be, as well. Here’s why…

From a customer service perspective, Harry’s listens to customer input, and has developed a product, around their customers’ needs. Shaving can be tedious, but there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable shave that tugs and leaves your face looking red and feeling irritated. So, Harry’s has developed a new blade with a “gothic arch” that prevents the usual pulling and tugging, and makes the process much more comfortable.

From a cost perspective, Harry’s knows that maintaining a clean, close shave has traditionally been expensive.  The short life of the average men’s razor never seems to justify the high price.  And shaving products can be equally tough on a budget, but can be especially tough on a millennial student’s budget.  Harry’s understands this paradox, and developed their brand with a commitment to both quality and price.  After raising $122.5 million last summer, the company decided to invest $100 million in a 93 year old German manufacturer of premium blades. That might seem crazy, right? Maybe not.

The results speak for themselves.  Due to their innovative and entrepreneurial approach, Harry’s is able to offer their customers high-quality razors at factory-direct prices. A four pack of Harry’s five-blade razors costs a mere $8, whereas other brands often charge upwards of $15-$20. This significant savings is sure to resonate with our millennial students who are always looking for ways to save money.  Even non-finance majors can calculate the potential, long term cost savings!

For Harry’s Spring 2015 in-store sampling program with Barnes & Noble College Marketing,  senior, male students will receive a Harry’s branded coupon card with an online redemption code for a free razor sample, when they pick up their cap and gown packages at their BNC bookstore.

What better way for Barnes & Noble College Marketing to help our students get their faces ready for all of those happy graduation photos, while letting their bank accounts “smile”, too! To learn more about Harry’s Grooming, click here.

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College Marketing at Georgia Tech

Part of what makes Barnes & Noble College Marketing unique is our direct access to a network of over 700 on-campus college bookstores, and the store managers who help us execute our programs in market, and ensure that our students receive exceptional customer service.

BNCM interviewed bookstore manager Michele Gretch Carter, at Barnes & Noble at Geogia Tech, to get some insights on her store, and her experience with our company.

Bookstore Location: GeorgiaTech_InteriorCrewBoat

48 5th Street NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Our bookstore is the anchor of Technology Square in Midtown Atlanta.

How many students does the bookstore serve?

We currently service 21,471 students.  68% of the population is undergraduates.




What are the most popular majors at your university?

Engineering, Science and Computing are the top fields of study at our campus.  The MBA program from the Sheller School of Business is popular, as well. 


How many years have you worked with BNC?

I have been with Barnes & Noble College for 7 years.  I was part of the Indiana University transition in 2007 and later became the bookstore manager at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).Georgia Tech_StoreManager_Michele


What makes our bookstore unique?

In 2004, Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech was the anchor of a campus sponsored program to bring education, research, hospitality, office and retail shops to a new urban ‘main street’ for the university and the Midtown Atlanta community.  The project has been recognized nationally for revitalizing 8 blocks of an area of previously deteriorated & abandoned buildings.


The centerpiece of our bookstores is the “Georgia Tech Zung”, a retired rowing scull that is hanging from our interior ceiling.   The 2003 Rowing Club donated the scull, as well as their rowing shoes. It is named after the grandfather of one of the rowers, who was an alumnus of Georgia Tech.


What have been your favorite /most successful college marketing programs at the bookstore?

Stores always enjoy being able to bring engaging and interactive events to their students.  In my previous store at IUPUI, we had the opportunity to host many great campus and in-store events that allowed college students to interact with the products or services of our marketing partners.

Last year, BNCM coordinated the “Cosmo on Campus” event at IUPUI, in which Cosmopolitan Magazine gave our students mini-manicures, mini-makeovers and hair color consultations from event sponsor, L’Oréal Paris.  On that day, the store was definitely a social hub on campus for both female and male students.


This year the Hot Tamales candy sampling promotion was an unexpected surprise for our customers who flooded our locations during our football game days. This program was a great opportunity to integrate a marketing promotion with our other store and campus activities.

225 Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech Hot Tamales Sampling Fall 2014.jpg 9

We have also partnered the Chevrolet for their “Ride and Drive” event on campus, which gave our students the chance to test drive some of Chevrolet’s most popular cars.


In what ways does the bookstore also serve the local community?

We provide quality service to our students, and to all of our customers from Atlanta’s Downtown and Midtown area.  We love to get involved in fun events such as the “Taste of Atlanta” culinary celebration, as well as other community happenings.



What is the best kept secret of the bookstore?

The best kept secret of Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech is not a secret after you visit the store! Our trade department is built on a slope.  Sometimes you don’t realize it until you turn around to go toward the registers and have to walk uphill!



Our mascot, Buzz, is the beloved mascot of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.   Ever since he made his first campus appearance in 1980, he has been a national favorite among college sports mascots. Buzz gets Georgia Tech fans cheering at all activities and sporting events.  It is always a treat to get to hang with Buzz on campus.


The Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech is the 1930 Ford Model A Sport coupe that serves as the official mascot of the student body. The words and music for Tech’s world-famous “Ramblin’ Wreck” fight song were inspired by an old folk ballad, “The Sons of the Gamboliers.” The Wreck is present at all major sporting events and student body functions. Its most noticeable role is leading the football team into Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field on game days.


Funny Student Traditions:

The legendary George P. Burdell; the namesake of our satellite store in the student center, was a 1931 graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology. It is rumored he took every class offered on campus and earned every degree.  A yearbook lists him as a member of the basketball team, and his engagement was announced in the Atlanta paper. For many years he returned to campus enrolling in classes, writing letters to the editors.  You can occasionally hear him being announced at sporting events, campus activities and the local airport.  He is very popular, but no one has ever seen him.


The campus also has a steam whistle that blows five minutes before the hour every hour.  The tradition is left from when the campus was known as the North Avenue Trade School.  It was to mark the end of shifts. It is now used to mark the end of classes and gives students a ten minute warning for the start of the next class. It is also blown when the Georgia Tech’s football team scores a touchdown or wins the game.  Each year, in the spring there is a “When the Whistle Blows” remembrance ceremony.


Favorite places on campus:

The Varsity, which is the world’s largest drive in restaurant since 1928, is at the edge of campus.  It’s a must do experience for students and visitors. A chili dog and a “Frosty Orange” are two of my top recommendations.


Haunted Stories:

There don’t seem to be any haunted stories on campus.  Georgia Tech students seem a bit too technologically advanced to believe in ghosts.


Famous Alumni:

There are having been many notable alumni that have contributed in areas of public service, business, science and space; the most well know alumnus is President Jimmy Carter.  In the NFL, famous alumni include Calvin Johnson, Daryl Smith and Keith Brooking.  Also, the founder of The Masters Golf Tournament, Bobby Jones and golfer David Duval were Georgia Tech alumni.