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Get Fired Up with Hot Tamales Samples During College Football!

At colleges and universities around the country, Fall means football! With this in mind, our partner, Hot Tamales, has brought an exciting marketing program to 30 Barnes & Noble College campuses.  Their campaign, “Get Fired Up – Kick off Your Game Day with a Pack of Hot Tamales”® was targeting at rivalry college football games. Each participating college campus is distributing free Hot Tamales samples to students and alumni during rivalry home football games and throughout the season. In-store signage is displayed to reinforce the campaign messaging. What better way to tap into that electric, game day excitement, and help our students stay “fired up” to cheer for their home team, while increasing brand awareness and driving in-store product sales!

Free Sampling

Millennial Marketing: Building “Brand ME”

Building “Brand ME” Best Practices
Millennial Marketing: A Millennial Strategy for Leveraging Social Media in a Competitive World

Today’s Millennials have the opportunity to position themselves with future employers, in a way that previous generations could have never imagined. By leveraging the power of social media and online content, college students can begin to build their personal brand, and market their skills and experiences long before they decide on their chosen career path. Despite an abundance of available social media platforms, the key to success in building “Brand Me” does not necessarily depend on which platforms are used, but rather the quality of the content that will be created, and how it corresponds to the skills, passions and professional aspirations of the person behind the screen.

Is there a winning formula or a “secret recipe” for successfully building “brand me”? Most certainly, there is not, because each person is unique. Instead, it will be those unique characteristics that individuals should highlight through their online content and copy, in order to accurately portray the strengths and accomplishments that will ultimately help them to reach their designated goals. College students should make use of every available resource – from friends to professors and employers – to help them build “Brand Me”.

As industry leaders in Millennial Marketing, BNCM wanted to get the real “Beat on the Street”, so we reached out to one of our students, Sophomore, Katherine Jasek, a Business and Marketing major at Rowan University, to talk with her about her experience with creating her personal brand and how she plans to use social media to help her succeed in college and in her future, professional career.

What social media platforms do you currently use on a regular basis?
I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I have also used Blogspot and WordPress for blogging.

Why do you think it is important to maintain such an extensive online presence?
In some of my college classes, such as management, my professor has already recommended that we include links to our social media pages on our resumes. It is a great way to create interest and an initial introduction to your accomplishments and experience. This is just one example of why I believe keeping up with social media is imperative to succeed in today’s fast paced society.

Do you have any thoughts on how to achieve success when creating content for your online presence and building “Brand Me”?
For a professional platform such as LinkedIn, it is really important to fill your profile with quality content, and to build your network of contacts. For all platforms, I think that the easier you make it for people to access your work and your links, the more likely they will be to engage with you directly. Some examples of how to be more “user friendly” with access include adding direct links, adding photos or visual images and staying current. It’s also essential to be in tune with what your followers are interested in and what they are following.

What kinds of features are most important to engage fellow Millennials?
To me, I believe my generation is very visually motivated. In my future, I foresee myself using just Instagram and LinkedIn as my two primary social media platforms.

Are there any influencers, best practices and/or concerns that you keep in mind when building “Brand Me” online?
When I think of online brands that I follow and admire, I think of J. Crew, Banana Republic and Gap. Their content is always fresh and visually appealing. Their images make me want to point and click. And when I do, I am taken to other interesting images and information. It is easy to navigate their social media sites. I also believe that it is important to always be diligent in terms of what you post and how you balance your personal online presence with your professional online presence. It’s a good idea to keep all posts appropriate for anyone who may eventually engage with you online. In addition, as someone who is constantly on my phone, I think Mobile compatibility will be very important in the future.

With Katherine’s feedback in mind, here are some helpful suggestions that we’ve found for building a better “Brand Me.”

Find your focus: Take the time to figure out your strengths and your passions. Decide which professional path you want to follow, determine your strategy, and begin to build the foundation for your online presence.

Be professional in all of your social media endeavors. Your content will be read by and scrutinized by everyone from potential employers to potential customers who will use it as their initial means to learn about you and your professional values. Perhaps the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is even more appropriate today in the 21st century, than it was in the 20th century.

Take action and put yourself out there: Establish your own webpage. Determine which social media platforms best fit your needs. Create your accounts and remember to maintain them, regularly. Make it easy for the right people to find you.

Expand your network: “Friend” and “Link up with” peers and industry colleagues. Cast a bigger net. You never know where or when the next opportunity will arise.

Put on blinders and run your own race. Don’t worry about trying to compare your profile to others’ accomplishments. This can cause unnecessary stress and detract you from your goals. Instead, use all of the tools in your professional arsenal to help you grow your own personal content. Include a professional headshot. Incorporate your industry’s key words into your content. Ask former colleagues and former supervisors to write a letter of recommendation.

Build your bona fides – Publish your work in an industry journal or magazine. Join a trade organization and share a presentation at a conference or seminar. Make your work and your name recognizable to people in your industry.

ABOUT Katherine
Millennial MarketingI am a Marketing and Management major at Rowan University in New Jersey. My short term goal is to be as involved as possible, on campus, while maintaining a decent GPA. My long term goals include getting my Master’s Degree from the Rohrer College of Business here at Rowan, and finding a great marketing job for a large fashion company such as J. Crew or Ralph Lauren. My dream is to work for one of these companies in New York City, so I can pretend to be Blair Waldorf for a little while. I am involved in the Financial Management Association, the American Marketing Association and The Society of Advancement of Management. I am also an active sister of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. In my spare time you will find me on the fourth floor of the library studying for my accounting exam, or socializing with my sorority sisters.

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Bookstore Spotlight: Bucknell University

Part of what makes Barnes & Noble College Marketing unique is our direct/firsthand access to a network of over 700 on-campus college bookstores, and the store managers who help us execute our programs in market, and who help us ensure exceptional customer service during our marketing programs.

BNCM interviewed bookstore manager Don Royal, at Store #737, Barnes & Noble at Bucknell University Bookstore, to get some insights on his store, and his experience with our company. Go Bison!
Bookstore Location:
Our address is:
400 Market Street
Lewisburg PA 17837

Our store is located on Market Street in historic downtown Lewisburg.

-How many students does the bookstore serve?
We service approximately 3,500 students, mostly undergraduates.

-What is the most popular major(s) at your university?
While Bucknell is probably best known for its School of Engineering, some of the most popular majors here include Business Administration, Management, Economics and Psychology.

-How many years have you worked with BNC?
I’ve been with BNC for 17 years. I started in 1997 as a student employee at Robert Morris University.

-What makes your bookstore unique?
Our store opened in 2010 following a year-long restoration of the former C. Dreisbach’s Sons Hardware Co. The rear portion of the building dates to circa 1900. Several other features of the original structure have been preserved, most notably the original Otis freight elevator. During construction, workers discovered a black steel safe inside an interior wall. The safe contained bank records and architectural blueprints for the post-fire (1941) construction. The bookstore features the only escalators in the entire county and a 68-foot skylight welcoming visitors.bucknell3

-What has been your favorite/most successful marketing program at the bookstore?
Students have been really receptive to the sampling programs. Whether it has been razors, gum or snacks, students have really enjoyed the programs. The most recent program with 5 Hour Energy was a hit. Once students knew the samples were in the web order boxes, we would see them breaking open the boxes to get the 5 Hour Energy before they left the store.

-In what ways does the bookstore also serve the local community?
Moving the store downtown has added an anchor location to the business district and has really allowed us to focus on more community service. We are active participants in the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership, which is an organization tasked with making downtown Lewisburg a cultural and economic magnet for the region. We are sponsors of the Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival. Every year, our bookstore team also puts together Thanksgiving dinner baskets for local families in need.

The store is a gathering place for students from the local high school in town. To make our bond even stronger with the downtown, we brought in Lewisburg and Lewisburg high school merchandise to the store and we actually take care of their merchandise sales at their home football games. We have a 2,000 sq. ft. community room that can be used for meetings, community events, large scale author signings or just to watch your favorite TV show.

-What is the “best kept secret” about your bookstore?
That our café has really good pizza! I know most people won’t think Barnes & Noble and pizza…but they are tasty.

Fun Bucknell University facts and trivia:

Mascot’s name
Bucky the Bison is our mascot. The Bison was suggested by Dr. William C. Bartol in April 1923, because of the location of Bucknell in the Buffalo Valley. The State College (PSU) football team was named for the lions that once roamed the beautiful Nittany Mountain nearby, so Dr. Bartols’s suggestion was thought to be very appropriate, and it was immediately adopted.

Funny student traditions
One funny student tradition is taking pictures on the Bison statue outside of Sojka Pavilion. That Bison statue is a must for any self respecting Bucknellian’s selfie.

Favorite places on campus
The Flying Bison is my favorite place to eat on campus. It is the only place with late dining hours in all of Lewisburg.

The best place to relax has to be the comfy couch room in the library.

Any haunted stories on campus, famous alumni, athletic team fanatics, etc.
Students and custodians say that Hunt Hall has been haunted by a ghost…or ghosts for over 20 years. They say the ghost is most active in the summer when students are away from campus. The ghost will hide tools, turn on/off lights and radios. It said that the ghost emits a strange perfume smell.

Famous Alumni
Greg Schiano – Head Football Coach Rutgers University 2001-2011, Head Football Coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2012-2013
Kenneth Langone – co-founder of Home Depot, and former director of the New York Stock Exchange
Les Moonves – President & CEO of CBS Television
Christy Mathewson – MLB player and Baseball Hall of Famer